Teagan Presley Giving Her Masseuse a Great Fuck & Suck!

by Brazzers

Teagan Presley is a sex worker who struts the streets in five-inch pumps, wearing lingerie under her coat in case she meets the perfect client. But walking around in heels all day means her arches could use a serious rubdown. She tells masseur Keiran that she wants some foot attention, getting him to oil up her stockinged feet and rub her calves as she lounges naked. When the time is ripe, she pounces on his cock, giving him the footjob and fuck of a lifetime.

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Teagan Presley Returns to Performing


CHATSWORTH, Calif.—It’s been more than four years since AVN Hall of Famer Teagan Presley stepped before triple-X cameras, and now against all expectations—especially her own—the Britney Spears doppelgänger who consistently commanded the screen from 2004 until her last movie in 2013 is officially back.

Presley’s first scene in her newly revived performing career, a boy/girl for Brazzers co-starring Jessy Jones and directed by contract man Keiran Lee, debuted on the site November 19. Titled “Sister Swap: Part 2,” the offering is part of an exclusive six-scene deal Presley signed with the company. The second scene under the deal, another boy/girl opposite Lee himself dubbed “Head Over Heels,” goes up today.

“I was just so nervous in general,” Presley said of her first time back in front of the porn lens. “Like, they were all making fun of me on set. And they didn’t give me something easy, I have like dialogue and all this stuff, and I would just freeze after I did the dialogue. It was like four takes, and I ruined them because I wouldn’t walk out of the frame afterwards. [Lee] was just ragging me the whole time.”

Contributing to her nerves, she said, was the fact that “the technology is far different than when I used to [shoot], and it is very gynecological now, and very nerve-wracking to know that they’re shooting with 4K cameras. I’m just very acutely aware of getting older, and my mentality is a lot different, you take more things into consideration than I did back then. It was all vain insecurity more than anything.”

Though it has in fact been since 2013’s T&A from Adam & Eve Pictures (with whom she was under contract for four years following her contract stint with Digital Playground) that we’ve seen Presley have sex on camera, it’s been considerably longer since we’ve seen her do so with a man … nine long years, to be exact. Yes, her last boy/girl sex scene appeared in the 2008 Adam & Eve/Zero Tolerance Entertainment co-production Roller Dollz, opposite Erik Everhard.

“I was married for a long time, and out of respect for him, I didn’t do boy/girl,” she recounted. “I didn’t want to go back because I needed the money, I wanted to go back when I wanted to, when I felt comfortable, and right after my divorce it wasn’t kosher for me, mentally. So I waited my two years, wrapped my head around [it], ’cause it was a big deal! I got used to opening my vagina for fun and not for monetary reasons. In nine years, the business changes a lot—people’s budgets change, everything else—so I just kind of wanted to put it out there and see what I was worth to people. And then Brazzers ended up coming back with a really good number, and I just couldn’t turn it down. And there was no point not to make any money off my name when I’ve worked this hard for as long as I have.”

During those two years of psyching herself up to make a return to shooting, Presley encountered a couple of setbacks, the most significant coming during an October 2016 dance appearance in Philadelphia.

“I fell over the ledge of the stage, and I almost popped my implant, and I hit right below my boobs and I had a lacerated liver and internal bleeding and a hematoma against my spleen,” she detailed. “So I was in ICU for four days, my stomach had swollen up like I was eight months pregnant, and it was a really hard recovery. You can’t drink, you can’t take aspirin, you can’t do anything for so many months. I was lucky, ’cause they said if I had had to have surgery, which is what I was in ICU for—testing my hemoglobin levels to see if I was still internally bleeding, ’cause if I was, they were going to have to cut me open—I would have never worked again, because I would have had the worst scar ever. So in one freak fall, I could have ended my entire career.

“And I kept dancing,” she continued. “I finished my set after I fell, and I danced the next day, and then Sunday I woke up and my stomach was so distended, I was like, ‘I need to go to the hospital.’ I had no marks, that’s why I didn’t understand what was going on, and they’re like, ‘Yeah, your abdomen, the reason why it’s so big is because it’s filled with blood.'”

Luckily, she had money saved up, so she was able to take the necessary time off from work to recover with no financial strain. She was cleared to begin dancing again as of January 2017, and has continued to do so steadily all year.

And now that she’s back in the porno saddle, Presley has declared that from here on out she’s “strictly dickly”—”I’ve just done so many years of girl/girl, and I’ve had a girlfriend in real life, and I’m just over the vagina right now,” she said. “I love women, I love to molest them, I want to kiss them, I want to play with their boobs, I just don’t want to penetrate them. It’s like I want to warm them up and then send them away to the dick.”

Is there any possibility that she’ll at some point return to the land of anal? “Not sure. That would take some bargaining,” she intimated. “I’m not saying for the right price I won’t, but as of right now, I figure I haven’t done boy/girl for so long—I’ve always sort of jumped into the deep end of the ocean when I’ve shot my scenes, like my second scene was a two-guy anal interracial back in the day—so I figure this time I’m gonna take my time a little bit, and do my boy/girl scenes and see how I feel, and then eventually if the right deal or company or whatever comes along, then I’ll start to think about it.”

Asked what it means to her to be embarking on this second tour of dirty duty with an AVN Hall of Fame trophy under her arm (she was inducted in 2016), Presley cracked, “It means I’m an old bitch. I started literally when I was 18, so it’s been 13 years. That’s crazy. I started at such a young age, and now I’m still incredibly young, so I feel so happy to be like, I’m Hall of Fame and still so young and I can still have so much more product put out. ‘Cause usually when you think Hall of Fame, the person either isn’t performing anymore, or they’re a little bit older now or things like that, so it’s kind of cool to have that title and be honored that way and now have new product. And all my fans have been going crazy for my new scenes, because they’re like, ‘We never thought we would see you again, and we’ve wanted this for so long.'”

Keiran Lee, for one, echoed that sentiment, enthusing, “When I first heard there was a possibility of shooting with Teagan, I was very excited. I had seen many of her scenes in the past and knew what a great performer she was, and as a male performer you always want to work with the best.”

He added, “Teagan was a dream to have on set, and although nervous at first, she nailed both dialogue and sex scene to her normal high standards. I look forward to working with her many more times in the future.”

As to what sort of game plan she has for the future, Presley offered, “I’m kind of just flying by the seat of my pants right now. I’m excited for my fans to watch my new content and use my Fleshlight, the new clubs I’ll be going to now, I’ll have new fans that are coming to see me. And when I was choosing who to go with for my first couple scenes back, Brazzers to me was the right fit, because for someone not having any new content, they are the biggest corporate entity that has the most traffic overall throughout their umbrella, so for me it was the best possible option, ’cause you get the most exposure, and their product is some of the nicest, and I know some of the people, the crew, like François [Clousot] and everyone that was on my sets from Adam & Eve in my past, so literally it was like coming home, and I’m like, ‘Family!'”

Presley said she has a packed dancing schedule all the way up to next month’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, where she’ll be signing for AEBN and Fleshlight. Keep up with everything she’s doing on Twitter and Instagram.

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